Termite Treatments

Your biggest investment may be at risk. Subterranean termites would love to make a meal of your home, and they can cause enormous damage. That’s why you need a home termite control service that works around the clock to protect your home. And that’s just what you get with a termite treatment provided by Lomax Termite Control.  Subterranean termites always have their nest in the ground.  To reach their food, which is your house, they must find a way to travel back and forth.  They do this through tubes, which they construct.  The tubes serve to protect them from their enemies when they leave the ground in search of food.  They usually commute daily between the wood and their colony.  We use some of the best and safest treatment methods to prevent this from happening further and eliminate their presence in the wood members of your house and the soil close to it.  We can provide a thorough treatment for your entire home which will protect it for years to come.  And we provide a warranty for our full perimeter treatments.  Our Subterranean termite treatments begin with preparation work around the exterior of a home, which includes drilling holes through concrete and trenching dirt soil.  We then fill our spray tank with the proper mixture of water and termiticide and then safely pump it into the soil.  Upon completion, we re-fill all drill holes with a fast setting mortar and we re-cover all dirt trenches.  We use only the best and most reliable products on the market to perform our Subterranean termite treatments, including Taurus SC Termiticide and Altriset Termiticide (as of 2022).

Drywood termites also use the woodwork of your house for their food and for their home.  They never go to the ground, but spend their entire life within the woodwork.  They make no tubes.  Drywood termites probably got into your house through either attic vents, small cracks in the eaves, or around windows.  In certain cases, a Drywood termite infestation can be eliminated by treated the affected area with a localized termiticide treatment.  The most common method of localized secondary treatment is to drill small holes into the termite galleries / tunnels and inject a termiticide.  This method is especially effective when the area of infestation is completely visible and accessible.  Lomax will recommend the best solution for you.  We use the most current and effective alternative treatment methods to eliminate drywoods, such as insecticides as well as foam treatments.  In more serious cases, a wood-penetrating gas fumigation is a sure way to kill the termites within the structure.  This safe, thorough procedure has been performed effectively for decades on homes, schools, museums and other buildings.  Whether you have termites or other wood-destroying insects, we will release the required amount of fumigant into your home.  This fumigant penetrates the wood and destroys the existing infestation.  Once the fumigation is completed, you’ll re-enter your home knowing that the battle against wood-destroying insects is finally over.

Crawl space drywood termite spot treatment performed in 2022.
Opening and closing up sheetrock during a drywood termites spot and injection treatment for a more thorough job
Adding high quality sheetrock texture after closing the sheetrock back up