Fungus Treatments

At Lomax Termite, we have Bora-Care and Tim-Bor Fungicide available for use for fungus treatments. As seen in the picture above, many houses have white fungus growing in wet or damp subareas without sufficient ventilation which can lead to extensive wood damage. Borates used for treating this fungus are unique chemicals, with many advantages. They are odorless, relatively safe to humans, don’t break down, and control all types of pests. Although borates can be used for general pest control, we use them for termite, beetle, and fungus control. For termite control, borates act as a poison to the wood. Wood is eaten, shared, and spread to other members – causing toxins to build in the termite’s body. Treated wood is also less desirable to eat for future infestations. For beetles, it causes a reduced amount of eggs to hatch. Larvae that do hatch out are poisoned by the wood, similarly to termites. Borates are contact killers to wood-destroying fungi, and keep fungi from growing in the future. Typically when treating for fungus, it will be scraped down before the wood is treated. Borate sprays are great for exposed wood framing like decks, attics, and subareas. Spraying with borates is also a great preventative measure to do during the construction of a house.

Performing a subarea fungus treatment many years ago (note white fungus on beam behind me)