Termite Inspections

Here at Lomax Termite, we provide affordable and reliable termite inspections for home owners, real estate agents, banks, and lenders.  Consider these reasons why you should use Lomax Termite for your home inspection–

  • Affordable and competitive inspection rates for Sonoma & Marin
  • Inspections done by owner instead of a paid salesman working on commission
  • We can usually get to your home inspection by the next day if needed
  • Fast service… our reports are typed up and sent out within a day
  • An honest report that reveals only what your home needs to have done
  • Reasonable estimates for any work that needs to be done
  • Reports that are e-mailed in PDF format or faxed as needed
  • Use a trusted local company that is friendly and based in our area

A thorough and professional termite inspection of your home is your best defense against damage caused by termites and other wood-destroying organisms.  There is no doubt that fire and weather cause a devastating amount of damage,  and each disaster that occurs is highly dramatic and emotional.  Less dramatic–but no less disastrous–is the damage caused by termites.  In fact, termites cause more than 5 billion dollars in damage every year in the United States.  That’s more than all fires, storms, tornadoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes combined.  Termites are tough, determined, and highly efficient.  And chances are you’ll see no evidence of their work until structural damage has been done.  A trained inspector can spot evidence of even the beginning of an infestation or infection.  This allows you, the homeowner, the chance to correct the problem before it becomes too costly.

At Lomax Termite Control our inspection begins outside, where we look for active infestations of wood destroying organisms and conditions which could lead to an infestation, such as leaky gutters and plants or wood piles right next to the house.  Decks, fences, and other wood structures attached to the house without flashing can also be problem areas.  Exterior siding and wood framing, trim, and roof eaves can also be at risk, which we will carefully examine for water damage and infestations, giving you the peace of mind that is so important.  Inside your home, we carefully check for loose toilets and other plumbing leaks which can cause dry rot or attract termites.  We will carefully pull back carpets to detect damage near sliding glass doors leading to decks.  We also look for water stains on the ceiling, excessive weathering of wood, and condensation around windows.  If there is a tile shower, we will run the water for a short time and then look under the house for leaks.  If you have a garage, we will carefully check inside of it for any evidence of termites in the wall framing, along the foundation line, and close to the water-heater.  As you can see, our inspection is very thorough and we pride ourselves on helping our customers.

While under the house in the substructure, we look for evidence of dry rot and excessive moisture.  Most importantly, we look for telltale signs of termite activity, such as mud tubes going up the foundation, pier blocks, or hanging down from wood joists and the subflooring.  Other signs include finding piles of woody-looking fecal pellets on the ground or mudsill.  We may also find discarded wings, a sign that termites have been through the swarming stage, when kings and queens fly from their old colonies to start new ones.  Home owners may even notice the insects fluttering around in the Fall when the rains start and once again in the Spring.  To determine if wood is sound, we might carefully use a pick-and-pry technique.  Undamaged wood will splinter, while damaged wood will break off in chunks.  Finally, we will check out the moisture situation under the house.  This includes checking for fungus growth which is very damaging to wood, determining if too much water is gathering in the substructure, and if so, recommending how to best solve the problem.  At times and in certain areas, water conditions can get very bad under a house after rain, and a sump pump can solve this issue when needed.  Fallen insulation may need to be removed if it has gotten damp and moldy from moisture.  When all this is done, we will prepare a complete report that details all discovered problems, and the best solutions which are available to you.  All of our customers and agents who request reports from us are always very satisfied and appreciative of how much we care.