Altriset Termiticide

dupont altriset

There is a new termiticide available that is considered safer to use. It is called Altriset and it is rapid, effective, and very long lasting. But it has a toxicity level that is so low that it has no effect on mammals (such as humans, pets, cattle, deer, etc.) and no toxic or systemic effect on plants.  After carrying out years of research, engineers were able to find an active ingredient that is extremely effective against subterranean termites with no odor, vapors, fumes, or impact on home occupants or the surrounding environment outside of a home. That truly is wonderful news for concerned homeowners and tenants, as well as for pest control professionals who perform treatments daily. This is a termiticide that the Environmental Protection Agency considers “reduced-risk,” which means it doesn’t even have to have a signal word. Almost all pesticides have signal words, either Caution, Warning or Danger. Caution is a low-toxic pesticide and the ones generally available in stores for the public. Warning is more highly toxic and can only be applied by pest control professionals. Danger is a very toxic pesticide and rarely used except in one case, household fumigation. Sulfuryl fluoride (Vikane) which is used to fumigate homes for termites, has a Danger label. The material safety data sheet has no first-aid requirements for inhalation, skin contact or ingestion. Lomax Termite Control is pleased to be offering Altriset Termiticide to our customers as the safest and most effective option available on the market today.

The new termiticide Altriset provides very good control of subterranean termites without harming humans, pets or the environment. The active ingredient is Chlorantraniliprole. Once termites come into contact with Altriset, their ability to feed on wood is halted within hours, resulting in death. Before that happens, the product is slowly passed throughout the colony by contact, causing total colony elimination. It’s toxicological profile is very interesting; it targets a very specific part of the termite’s muscles. Because it attacks the muscles of the termites, one of the first symptoms of exposure to Altriset is the cessation of feeding. Within hours of exposure, the termites stop feeding on wood–their mandibles are paralyzed first because they are attached to the largest muscles in the insect. This limits its effects on non-target animals, including other insects, pets and humans.

Altriset already has proven performance in the field. It is great to do some of these things in the lab, but in the real world it stands up. The government has tests that all termiticides must pass before being approved, Altriset passed these without problem. In test plots and real world treatment sites, Altriset is killing termites and lasting in the soil as good or better than every other termiticide available today. The only drawback to Altriset is that it is a slightly more costly option than other termiticides such as Premise, I Maxx Pro, and Termidor. But surely you will agree that the safety benefits of the new product far outweight the small additional extra cost.