Sump Pumps

If you have excessive moisture accumulating in your basement or crawlspace, it may be time to consider one of our sump pump systems that can be installed by Lomax Termite Control.  Sump pumps are used when low-level spaces in your home or commercial space regularly flood or harbor excess moisture due to elevated water tables or as a result of outside moisture collection systems that may drain inside.  Excessive moisture is not only a breeding ground for insects, it also can lead to wood decay fungus which can possibly damage the structure of your home.  That’s why our sump pump systems are enjoyed by so many Lomax customers. The process begins when we send our sump pump installation expert to your space to examine your situation and determine if one of our sump pumps would work for you.  If so, we’ll schedule your sump pump installation right away, so you can rest easy knowing your moisture problems are going to be a thing of the past.  After digging a very suitable sump well, we put a pump holder and crushed gravel into the ground, and then install only top of the line 1/3 to 1/2 horsepower cast iron based pumps and Schedule 40 PVC pipe.  Unlike some other companies, we complete the job thoroughly by including a check valve and quick disconnect union.  The water is directed out of the subarea into the best possible place as selected by our company.  Once our sump pump systems are set up, you’ll hardly have to worry about them. Activation is automatic based on water levels, and we only carry the best brands to ensure you’ll get years of maintenance-free service.

Installing a new sump pump and sump well in May of 2023
Sump pump replacement job in 2019 (new pump, check valve, and quick disconnect union)
Preparing the sump pump and parts for installation
Installing the sump pump in a well under the house
Pumping the excess water out of the subarea
(Before) A broken sump pump and old bucket sump well at a recent job
(After) A newly installed sump well and sump pump. Note: Black hose was installed at request of owner. We usually use Schedule 40 PVC Pipe.
Construction Manager Joe digging a sump well in a muddy and wet subarea
Construction Manager Joe digging a sump well in a muddy and wet subarea
The same exact area after Steve and Joe install a new sump pump and moisture barrier